優秀英語作文40字 第1篇

In the firecrackers, we usher in the Chinese the most grand festival: the Spring Festival, every family beaming, hang red lanterns, labeled red couplets, busy...

I used to be the night person, but today I made the first, because I wanted to smell the smell of the firecracker. A string of lit firecrackers in the hands of people, sounds really big, splash around, as if to send every blessing to every household, successive waves of fireworks, scratching, very busy.

Haven't been to the Spring Festival, it is the busiest time of the housewives in the kitchen, only in a few days before the ready, and the family reunion dinner is always in the year to come, and on the first day of the dumplings in large eve bag out. All the chopping boards were on the floor, chopping vegetables and chopping vegetables. At this time, the sound of the chopping board, the sound of firecrackers, mingled with the laughter of the people, the rise and fall of the sea, and the joy of the New Year's eve. Eat dinner is the most happy when it is the Spring Festival families, a big family reunion dinner with a table, a family reunion, sitting at the table, the reunion dinner, fill up my heart. People enjoy the feast of the table and enjoy the happy atmosphere.

New Year's eve that night, we have a large family home ate dinner, all around in front of the TV, tasting the fruits, to enjoy the Spring Festival gala, looking forward to the New Year's bell sounded quickly. As the New Year's bell tolls, the whole city's sky is high and the noise of the bamboo is ringing. The children set off firecrackers and danced happily. At this moment, the room is the bright light, the house is a brilliant spark, the outside is the sound of the sky, the excitement of New Year's eve is pushed to the climax.

This is my family's Spring Festival, the organic will come to play! I will welcome you to come to visit, and will show you all the places!

優秀英語作文40字 第2篇

writing topics and material for reference

the spring festival in my eye

the different attitudes of the young and the old towards the spring festival.

your way of celebrating the spring festival in the past, now and your anticipation in the future.

the regional differences in celebrating the spring festival.

the necessity of playing fireworks during the spring festival.

the growing indifference to the spring festival.

the conflict between christmas and the spring festival.

優秀英語作文40字 第3篇

①.My house Look!This is my 's very beautiful!Look!There is a sofa in the sofa is red and like it's my favourite there is a big the TV,there is a 's our family photo...。

②.可以參考以下范文 my house hello, my name is zhu lie. i live in a new house now. there are three bedrooms, a sitting room,a bathroom, a study, a kitchen, a bright dining room 。

③.my house is very beautiful and big . lt has two floors .there are a living room and a kitchen and a dining room in the first fioor . my family often watch tv toghether in the living . there are twobedrooms and a study room in t..。

④.My house Look!This is my 's very beautiful!Look!There is a sofa in the sofa is red and like it's my favourite there is a big the TV,there is a 's our family photo...。

⑤.the house i am living is very cozy. it's not very big, but very clean. my family are very happy to live in such a house.

優秀英語作文40字 第4篇

”The crack of the crack, the crack of the crack,“ as the firecrackers sounded -- the Spring Festival came. Every family should put up a couplet, wear new clothes and greet the New Year.

On the morning of the Spring Festival, I am more excited than ever. Because this is the New Year, the beginning of . I can't wait to put on the clothes I bought for a thousand years, and then ran across grandma's house and said to my grandparents, ”grandma, happy New Year!“ Grandpa stared at him. Say: ”what?“ I laughed and said, ”this is a good New Year!“ My grandfather didn't understand, and said nothing, and took out a red envelope from the cupboard and gave it to me. I took the red envelope and took a look -- wow! A bright red one hundred yuan. ”That's too much,“ I thought. Grandpa gave me a long firecracker and said, ”go, let's shoot!“ We hung the firecrackers on the tree, and the sound of the sharp ears was deafening, and the white smoke filled the yard. Then he heard her mother's beautiful voice, ”eat, eat!“

I went back to the house with my grandfather, wow! A table of hearty meals, people eat and drink and say, you pour drinks to him, he pours wine for you, hot and noisy eat a delicious reunion dinner.

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is so festive, the people of Spring Festival dance and dance, the children of the Spring Festival are more alive and dancing, I love the Spring Festival!

優秀英語作文40字 第5篇

The Cafeteria of Zhejiang University

As I live in Zhejiang University, I eat every meal in the cafeteria of Zhejiang University. Since the first time I went there, I like it very much. Firstly, it is very big and it allows about all the students to have the meal at the same time. Second, zhe equipments are very advanced and modern. And it looks very beautiful and it makes a good eating atmosphere. There are many workers in it and do the different jobs to give the best help to the students and teachers. I find that the food in it are not only delicious but also nutritious. I’m glad that I can enjou meals in the cafeteria of the Zhejiang University.

優秀英語作文40字 第6篇

In 20XX, the year of the happy 20XX, people are happy and the streets are full of joy.

On the street, there was a crowd of people, beaming with joy, flashing lights, neon lights and flashing lights. Car lights, shiny, all kinds of things, look great! On the new high street, the traffic was crowded, and the vendors were selling the beautiful balloons. The colors were different: red, yellow, blue, green, purple... It is. Shapes vary, too: some blow up a crooked curve, like a snake, some like a cheeky face, and a variety of shapes. People's cars are also different, with different decorations, like balloons, ribbons, flowers and so on. On the building, the lamp is decorated, the decoration is new, from the outside, the business is busy. In the sky, a colorful balloon fluttered and danced, adding a happy atmosphere to the Spring Festival. The most delightful fireworks, firecrackers. In the square, the people in the mood were playing with the fireworks, the biggest and most wonderful, shooting up the air in the air and scattering a flower. And then the ground blossomed, and it was small, and it was quite powerful, and when it was lit, it spun and shone and opened a little flower. The smile was like a real thing, flying in the sky and dancing, and then it exploded. The sound was deafening, the fireworks were open and beautiful!

The Spring Festival is joyful, the Spring Festival is jubilant and people's life will become better and better.




優秀英語作文40字 第7篇

Today my aunt took me to Happy Land. I played many games. And I had fun. I also saw many animals.

There are bears, birds, parrots, rabbits and monkeys. We ate ice cream and lots of fruit. The food was very delious.

I like going skating very much.

We went home at two o'clock. And I was tired.

優秀英語作文40字 第8篇

This holiday is really busy, because many a Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festival in China, in the year, whether in thousands of miles away, people want to come back to eat the family reunion dinner. With the approach of the Spring Festival, families are busy preparing for the Spring Festival couplet to buy necessities we are busy cleaning the house, ready to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Days passed quickly, in the year on this day, the morning has been set off firecrackers, very lively. The adults are preparing dinner. My friends and I play happily all day. In the evening, at last the sun to the earth, then close your eyes, hide in the mountain slowly. Darkness came quietly, to the sky covered with a layer of black veil, our family is surrounded sit together, while eating, recall interesting things to remember. In the Spring Festival gala premiere on time at 8 o 'clock, we sat in front of the television to see the party, the party programmes are very wonderful graceful dance, incredible magic to see me dazzling.

優秀英語作文40字 第9篇

”Boom bang, pa pa pa“ with the crackle of the firecrackers sound, we have another annual Spring Festival! A year is a time for family reunion, is a busy day, on this day, people will be the home cleaned clean, in their own homes to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, wearing clean clothes, around the reunion dinner together! And I'm no exception.

There are a lot of people in working, often because the job is busy, can't go home with family holidays together, at that time, you are alone, looking at the people around the table for the holiday, you want to what? Home, of course, is family.

My family is a father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law and my warm family, my home is not big, but it is full of happiness and joy, also left an unforgettable memory, such as: dad the wound, the whole family to send for me on a train to celebrate the holiday, our family, dad... among them, for all I remember is our family reunion dinner together, watch the Spring Festival gala. I come back from school that day, the streets are filled with a festive atmosphere, red lanterns, a happy New Year song, can't help but make me scurrying, into the house, saw his family busy, mother was hung balloons, father-in-law to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, my dad in trim vegetables for cooking, by the way, the mother-in-law? Oh, the original mother served as commander, command mother hung balloons, I also not to be outdone, threw the bag down on the sofa, went to mother there to report for duty, I asked granny, ”mother-in-law, you see, what should I do?“ When my mother heard this, she said to me, ”come and help me with the ball!“ Well, dry, I rolled up my sleeves and helped my mother hang up the balloon.

優秀英語作文40字 第10篇

Send away , welcome to , 2008 is the year of the Olympics, the whole country is jubilant!

Today is New Year's eve, and all the families are busy! By New Year's eve that day afternoon, the whole family, busy to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, the red lantern: see uncle who climb a ladder up to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, I and my cousin also not idle, help adults, stick tape, double-sided adhesive. The lanterns were hung, the Spring Festival couplets were posted, and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival was added to the family.

After eating dinner, our family around the stove to watch the Spring Festival evening party, see the sketch, the street guard actor ”full stop“ play a drunkard, staggered walked out, with our family is to laugh. I also saw a lot of wonderful performances, this year's Spring Festival party is really nice!

Around 10 o 'clock, my cousin, my mother and I went up to the roof to set off fireworks. There was a little firework -- ”chrysanthemum“ -- the fireworks were coming up and the stars were speckled like a bright chrysanthemum. And then put a big fireworks - ”a good beginning,“ fireworks shot out high up, and a bit like stumbled to the very soon, then I see the colorful fireworks scattered, like split, excellent good-looking! My mother and I clapped our hands to applaud! Look up in the distance, you will see the whole night sky all be decorated with different shapes, colorful fireworks, dazzling!

On New Year's eve, I am full and happy!

優秀英語作文40字 第11篇

spring festival

the spring festival,also known as the lunar new year, is the greatest

traditional festival. it is usually a time between late january or early february, which means rest and relaxation between winter and spring after a year's toil,and

means celebration as well. before the spring festival, people clean their houses,

put red couplets on their gates,and set off firecrackers, according to fairy tale, for driving a demon ,named nian ,away. on the eve of the spring festival, a get-

together banquet is a must, and the most popular food is jiaozi, which is supposed to bring good the first day of the new year, everybody wears new

clothes and greets relatives and friends with bows and congratulations wishing

each other the best during the new year.

優秀英語作文40字 第12篇

Spring Festival, Spring Festival, new clothes, firecrackers, and family and friends are really busy. The lucky money, the pocket, the dumpling, the Spring Festival couplets, the children look forward to the Spring Festival.

This one is a good example of a child looking forward to the Spring Festival. Children like Spring Festival, because Spring Festival is the most popular traditional festival of our han Chinese people, we can have a happy, relaxed, full and full of imagination.

The Spring Festival, the most happy thing is there are a lot of relatives and friends came to my home, also to a lot of friend, I also can play to their home, we visit each other, go shopping together with them to buy their favorite toys, go to the park to play on the seesaw, roll on the lawn, unluckily, playing, happy ghost town.

During the Spring Festival, fireworks can be released. In the New Year's eve, we meet groups of fireworks in the outdoor, I hand fireworks, bold boy come and lit up a letter, a flower fireworks up, the wind dropped, the clouds. I most like to see the ”split“, lit the fuse after whistling in the fireworks point-blank, the sky turned to thousand one than one colorful dazzling spark, decorated the sky bright and charming. The roar of the roar of the world roared with cheers. What a happy Spring Festival!

To celebrate the Spring Festival because it is over, the teacher always mercy, not much homework, I don't have to always are out of breath, homework a few days to finish the homework, there are a lot of time could be free to play, can do a lot of things that oneself like, such as drawing, origami, to the riverside to ride a bicycle on the road, a relaxed, wonderful!






優秀英語作文40字 第13篇

①.my house my house is big ,there are seven rooms. they are a living room,three bedroom , a kitchen a balcony and a bathroom. the living room has a chair , a telephone, a 。

②.my house My house is definitely a building which includes typical chinese elements. It is the color of a fresh red apple .I have to say,it is something produces flowers but bears no fruits . As you can imagine , its size is gra..。

③.My house Hello, my name is Zhu Lie. I live in a new house now. There are three bedrooms, a sitting room,a bathroom, a study, a kitchen, a bright dining room and a large 。

④.myhouse look!'sverybeautiful!look!'。

⑤. My House A few years ago, my family had only one small room. It was very hard for three people to live in the same room. Now we have moved into a new flat with one living 。

優秀英語作文40字 第14篇

When I got home, it was very dark. Why? There is no electric. Every year in Beijing, there is lack of electric to supply. Because there are a lot of factories.

And it is very cold in winter. So the government decided: supply electric to resident and the factories must stop working.

My house is in the manufacturing district. I was unlucky. It was very cold. So my father use the electric making machine to make electric. Oh! What a unlucky winter!

優秀英語作文40字 第15篇

When the Spring Festival arrived, the families were jubilant and round. Spring Festival has many customs, such as: paste Spring Festival couplets, set off firecrackers, eat dumplings and so on. Let's get to know them!

Posted goalkeeper almost every family New Year's day is this to do, there is an interesting myths and legends about stick keeper: according to legend, in ancient times there is a dragon king always want to steal to eat tribute of the jade emperor, the jade emperor discovered severely punish it, but the dragon king still often teach not to change, so the jade emperor let two strong god to watch over the door, don't let the dragon king to rock the boat. But the two gods were just as sleepy as we were. So the jade emperor thought of a good idea, and put the two pictures of god on the door, and the custom of tiding the door was passed on from generation to generation.

There is a custom in the north of our country, which is to eat jiaozi, the homonym of the dumpling is the ”jiao zi“, which expresses the yearning for the New Year auspicious and prosperous. Southerners like to eat tangyuan in the morning of the big year, which means we are full and round in the New Year. People also like to eat ”shepherd's purse“ vegetables and dumplings, ”shepherd's purse“ has been called ”the rich“ meaning in the New Year to make a fortune, the wish.

During the Spring Festival, we also need to set off firecrackers to activate the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Set off firecrackers in the folk has a legend: according to legend in ancient time, there was a monster named ”year“, every Spring Festival when they come out to scare people, so people will think of a way to, with bamboo tube light thrown at it, bamboo tube explosion made a lot of noise, scared away nian, the custom of setting off firecrackers is come down.

The custom of Spring Festival is still many and many, it enriches our knowledge and brings people closer. It is a fine tradition of Chinese people, let's go to know them together!

優秀英語作文40字 第16篇

It was sunny and very hot today. I got up early and helped my parents cook breakfast. Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room. After a short rest I did my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest swimming pool with my friends. It was really cool to swim in such a hot day. I surfed the internet and read a storybook in the evening. I really had a busy and interesting day.

優秀英語作文40字 第17篇

Chinese New Year is beaming! New Year's eve morning, grandpa in the doorway to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, mother in the kitchen preparing the dinner, in the home was full of festive atmosphere.

On New Year's eve, our family together, eat dinner, enjoying the delicious food. From time to time we chating at, ear rings with firecrackers. Eating eating, I created a doubt: mom, why is Spring Festival, to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, set off firecrackers? Mother was in no hurry said: this is a traditional folk! Want to listen to? I nodded, the mother went on to say: set off firecrackers in the ancient times to drive away nian, ward off evil spirits, is now in order to add a festive, figure a good heat; While to stick couplets on the Spring Festival to hang peach wood charms against evil, from the ancient first Spring Festival couplets is made of peach wood, carved door god's name, hope to ward off evil spirits disaster, so stick couplets on the Spring Festival, the goalkeeper is homologous, put everyone is good in thy good pleasure; fook lam moon Visiting relatives and friends congratulated each other is the New Year, increase feelings; A red envelope is a New Year's money, harmonics are special, hope to pressure the pathogens, peace Chinese New Year. I stare big eyes, suddenly enlighted, originally the Spring Festival is to have cultured so! The whole family were laughing, a peaceful and warmth.