邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第一篇

Dear Susan:

I know you are interested in oil painting, so I’m sure you’ll be interested in Mr. and Mrs. Lin dun! They are ing here

to supper next Sunday night, October the twelfth, and we’d like you and Walter to e, too.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin Dun are that very charming couple we met in London last summer. They have a wonderful collection of oil paintings of various stages; and I understand that Mr. Lin Dun is quite an authority on oil painting. I’m sure you and Walter will thoroughly enjoy and evening in their pany.

We’re planning supper at six; that will give us a nice long evening to talk. If I don’t hear from you before then, I’ll be expecting you on the twelfth!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming





邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二篇

I)It is my great pleasure to invite you to our party from 3 p. m. to 5p. m. on Saturday, October 7.(我榮幸地邀請您[們]參加10月7日星期六下午3點至5點的聚會.)

2)We would like to know if you could come to…(不知您能否前來……)

3)I would like to invite you to…(我請您……)

4)Is there any chance of your coming…(您是否能前來……)

5)We would be very happy if come.(如蒙光臨,不勝榮幸.)

6)It should be cheerful if you could come to…(您如果能來……就太叫人高興了.) 7 )1 cordially invite you to join us.(我真心地邀請您來參加我們的活動.)

7)I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to…(借此機會,我想邀請您……) 9)You are cordially invited to our party from 3 p. m. to 5 p. m. onSunday, September 10.(我誠摯地邀請您參加9月10日星期日下午3點至5點的聚會.)

10)Please let us know as soon as possible if you can come and tellus when you can make the trip.(請您盡早與我們聯系,并告知能否成行及具體時間.)

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第三篇

’re throwing a surprise party for...We’d like to invite you to...我們將為……舉辦驚喜派對。我們想邀請你……

’s my honor to invite you to...非常榮幸地邀請你……

wonder if you would like to come to...我想知道你是否愿意來……

are having/planning ...on...(date) and we feel it would be a great idea if you can join us.我們將于……(日期)舉行……(活動),如果你能來參加就太好了。

are some details about this activity./The following are some details about this activity./Some details about this activity are as follows.活動的細節如下。

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第四篇

Dear Zhang Ying:

Will you e to luncheon on Friday, May the fifth, at twelve o’clock?

My niece Mary is visiting us and I think you will enjoy meeting her. She is a charming, very pretty girl … and very good pany! John and Jane will be here, and perhaps we can give a dance after luncheon. Do say you’ll e!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming


您能在5月5日星期五中午12點鐘 來吃午飯嗎?


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第五篇

Dear sirmadam:

We would like to invite you to an exclusive presentation of our new product. The presentation will take place at location, at time on date. There will also be a reception at time. We hope you and your colleagues will be able to attend.

pany is a leading producer of high-quality . As you well know, recent technological advances have made increasingly affordable to the public. Our new models offer superb quality and sophistication with economy, and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

We look forward to seeing you on date. Just call our office at phone number and we will be glad to secure a place for you.

Sincerely yours,


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第六篇


I’ll have a birthdayparty at 7:00 p. m. this Friday. I’d like to invite you to my home. Let me tellyou the way to my home. Walk along Green Street and take the second crossing onthe leftturn left at the second crossing. At the party, we can sing, eat abirthday cake and play games.

I think we will have agood time.

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第七篇

句式:I am writing to invite you totake part in an activity which will be held on Monday.

解析:在文章的開頭最好能用上一個定語從句或者復雜句式,這樣閱卷老師會很加分。 “ take part in”跟 “participate” 意思是一樣的也是參加的意思,但是 “participate”表達更加高級一點。


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第八篇


First of all, To begin with, To start with, At first, First and fore most


what's more, In addition, Further more


Finally, Eventually


All in all, In a word, As far as, In general, In total, I am conercned, In conclusion, To be conclused.


(1)I am writing to invite you to.../I'm writingto tell you that there will be a... 我寫信邀請你……/我寫信告訴你有一個(場)……

(2)I am very pleased toinvite you to participate in...to be held from...to...in... 我很高興邀請你參加從……到……在……舉行的……

(3)I think it would bea great idea if you could participate in... 我想你要是能來參加……那就太好了。

(4)It is my pleasure toextend an invitation to you to...with me. 我很高興邀請你和我一起……

(5)I wonder if you cancome... 我想知道你是否能來……

(6)It is my pleasure/agreat honor for me to invite you to... 能邀請你參加……是我(莫大)的榮幸。

(7)I hope that you won'tdecline my invitation. 我希望你不會拒絕我的邀請。

(8)Would you please dropme a line to let me know if you can come to...? 請寫信告訴我以讓我知道你是否可以來……好嗎?

(9)If you are interestedin it, let me know and I'll send you more information. 如果你感興趣,告訴我,我會給你發送更多的信息。

(10)My family and I wouldfeel much honored if you could come. 如果你能來,我和我的家人將會感到非常榮幸。

(11)My phone number is...Lookingforward to... 我的電話是……盼望……

(12)I would like to meetyou there and please let me know your decision soon. 我想在那里見到你,請盡快告訴我你的決定。

(13)I am sure you willhave a good time at... 我相信你們在……將會玩得開心。

(14)Here are some detailsabout this activity./The following are some details about this activity./Some detailsabout this activity are as follows. 本次活動的一些細節內容如下。







邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第九篇

Dear Jack,

Next Saturday is my birthday. I am going to have a birthday party at home in the evening. It will start at 7:00.

I have asked some of my classmates to come and Id like you to come, too.

I live at Shanghai Road. You can take bus and get off at the stop of Changjiang Road. My house is just acrossfromthe station. Its a white house with a black door. You cant miss it.

I do hope you will come.



邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十篇

Dear Professor White,

Many thanks for your letter dated 15th August, inviting me to attend and chair a session of the forthcoming 2004 International Conference on Parallel Data Processing to be held in Bellaire, Michigan, from October 25 to 28, 201*.

Much to my regret, I shall not be able to honor the invitation because I have been suffering from a disease since this summer. I am firmly advised that it would be unwise to undertake any distant and long travel in the near future.

I feel very sad to miss the opportunity of meeting you and many others in the field of Computer Science. I wish the conference a complete success.

Faithfully yours,

Wang Xuan

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十一篇

dear john,

i came to your home but you were out. tomorrow is wang hong’s birthday. we will have a birthday party at wang hong’s home. we will dance, sing and share a big birthday cake. it would be great if you can join us.

wang hong’s home is not farfromour school. if you come, you may go straight along the people’s road, then turn right at the guangming road, then go across the xiangyang road. and you will find a cinema on the left. wang hong’s home is just beside it.

hope to see you tomorrow at the party.

zhang bin

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十二篇


The exhibition will be held from 9:. to 5:. next Friday in Renmin Park,which is just two blocks from our school.(表明了活動時間和地點,這是題目一開始就要求的,并且運用了定語從句補充說明離學校很近。)We can get there by taking Bus Line 101 or Subway Line 2. ①As is advertised, there will be all sorts of paper-cutting peculiar to China on the exhibition, and ②whoever present will be given a work of paper-cutting as a gift.(這里只給出了兩個理由,這跟我們之前說的萬能理由不謀而合)For someone so fond of Chinese culture like you, it is absolutely (絕對地,比較高級的詞匯,加分點。)a great opportunity you can't miss.

Looking forward to your early reply. (最后一句結尾略顯簡單和粗糙,可以改成:Looking foward to making a paper cutting work which will be a wonderful experience.)

Yours,Li Hua

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十三篇

1、Ixxxd like ...to come to dinner


2、request the pleasure of


3、The favor of a reply is requested


4、May I have the honour of your company at dinner?


5、Thank you for inviting us to dinner


6、I hope youxxxre not too busy to come.


7、The reception will be held in ...,on ...


8、We sincerely hope you can attend


9、We are looking forward to ...


10、We have decided to have a party in honor of the occasion


11、Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十四篇


1. I’m Wang Ming from YuWen School,the president of the Student Union.


2. An English speaking contest of our school will be held on August 6.


3. There will be a party in my garden on Sunday.


4. I’d like to invite you to judge it.


5. I’m writing to invite you to...


6. I wonder if you can come to...


7. We sincerely hope you can attend it.


8. It’s my pleasure/a great honour for me to invite you to...


9. It’s a pity that you have to go back to America a farewell party for you will be held in the Sun Club this Saturday you come at 6:00 pm?



1. It will begin at 2:00 pm and last two hours,during which time 15 well-prepared contestants will deliver their speeches.


will start at 8:00 am and arrive there at 9:00.


the afternoon,we’ll...together.


to take water and lunch with you.


the way,you may take Bus in front of your apartment and it will take you directly to the club.


know you are a native speaker of English and an English teacher,and I,on behalf of our school,sincerely invite you to be part of the contest.


you are so eager to improve your English,it will prove to be a great chance.


8. I’m sure that you will enjoy yourself there.



1. Will you be available during that time?Please contact me at 1234567 at your earliest convenience.


2. Would you please let me know as soon as possible if you can accept my invitation?


3. We will feel much honored if you could come.


4. We are looking forward to your coming.


5. I am longing to see you soon.


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十五篇

Dear Miss Chang,

We have planned a house party as a sort of farewell before our trip to Soochow, and we are particularly anxious to have you join us . I hope there is nothing to prevent youfromcoming out to canton on February 25th and remaining here with us until the Eighth of March.

Mr. Simpson Chen and Mr. And Mrs. L. T. Ying will be here too, along with severa l others whom you do not know, but whom I am most anxious to have you meet.

I am enclosing a time-table for your convenience, And I have checked the two tra ins that I believe are most convenient for you. If you take the 7:10 in the morn ing you will arrive here at 11, and you will be able to meet some of our guests at tiffin at 12. There is an earlier train in the morning if you prefer it. If y ou let me know which train you expect to take, I will see that there shall be a car at the station to meet you.

Very cordially yours,

Margaret Li-Huang.

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十六篇

Dear Zhang Ming:

As my birthday will take place on next Saturday, my parents have insisted on having a birthday party for me. They are very anxious to meet all my young friends, and they want me to have a good time on this occasion.

The party will begin at 7 oclock this Saturday come early. You can take a No. 15 bus and get off at Xinjiang Road. Go straight ahead and walk across Wulian Street. The restaurant is on the corner of the street. Its name is Da Fang Restaurant. We are looking forward to seeing you then.

With best wishes!

Yours sincerely,







邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十七篇

Dear sirmadam:

On date, we will host an evening of celebration in honor of the retirement of name, President of pany. You are cordially invited to attend the celebration at hotel, location, on date from to .

name has been the President of pany since year. During this period, pany expanded its business from to . Now its our opportunity to thank him for his years of exemplary leadership and wish him well for a happy retirement. Please join us to say Good-bye to name.

See you on date.

Yours sincerely


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十八篇

Dear Snoopy,

I am greatly honored to formally invite you to participate in Mr. Guo Jing’s wedding ceremony with Ms. Huang Rong to be held at Beijing Grand Hotel from 8 to 10 . on April 1, 2007.

As you are a close friend of us, we would very much like you to attend the celebration and share our joy. The occasion will start at seven o’clock in the evening, with the showing of their wedding ceremony. This will be followed by a dinner party. At around ten, we will hold a small musical soiree, at which a band will perform some works by Bach and Strauss.

If you do not have any prior appointment on April 1, we look forward to the pleasure of your company.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第十九篇

Dear Rose,

Im going to the cinema next Saturday evening to see Pacific Rim , and I have two tickets. Would you like to come?

The film starts at 19:00. Maybe we can meet at the gateway of the department store and have dinner before the film starts.

Please give me a call if you can come.

Looking forward to seeing you by then.



邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十篇

Hi Peter,I am writing to tell you the schedule of your coming your safe arrival,in the morning,we will lead you to meet the teachers and students we will have a Chinese music class to enjoy with last,you will learn how to make Chinese paper cut with the help of the the afternoon,I will organize many classmates to communicate with we arefromdifferent countries,we have different culture,we can learnfromeach theend, we will hold a party to have a good time with believe that you will have a good day in our school.

Im looking forward to seeing you soon.

Li Ming

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十一篇

Dear Smith,

Im honored on behalf of our school to invite you to attend the evening party in celebration of our schools 50th anniversary. Here is the information in detail.

As scheduled, the performance is due to start at 20 oclock and end at 22 oclock on September 20, are arranged to sit in seat 6, row 4, section 3 where you can feast your eyes. At the party, folk songs will be performed, poem recitation and students group dance included.

By the way, you can take bus to the party venue, the Youth Activity Center located northeast of the crossroads where Xinghua Street meets University Road.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Li Hua

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十二篇

1、We’re throwing a surprise party for...We’d like to invite you to...我們將為……舉辦驚喜派對。我們想邀請你……

2、It’s my honor to invite you to...非常榮幸地邀請你……

3、I wonder if you would like to come to...我想知道你是否愿意來……

4、We are having/planning ...on...(date) and we feel it would be a great idea if you can join us.我們將于……(日期)舉行……(活動),如果你能來參加就太好了。

5、Here are some details about this activity./The following are some details about this activity./Some details about this activity are as follows.活動的細節如下。

6、To begin with, we will ... Besides, there will be a lot of activities such as...which will...首先,我們將……此外,將會有很多活動,例如……這將……

7、This will be followed by...這之后將會有……

8、I would feel honored if you could come.如果你能來,我倍感榮幸。

9、I do hope that you can make it to ...我真心希望你能……

10、I would appreciate it if you could accept my invitation.如果你能接受我的邀請,我會非常感激。

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十三篇

Dear Jane:

I hope you and Fred haven’t any plan for the weekend of July twenty-fourth as we’d like you to spend it with us at Far Acres. It’s simply beautiful here now, with everything in bloom!

I think we can promise Fred some good fishing this year. The fish are biting better than ever! So bring your fishing clothes; and be s

ure to bring your tennis things, too, because the Owens are ing and I’m sure you’ll want to get out on the courts with them.

There’s a very good train Friday night; I’ve marked it in red on the timetable. It gets you here about seven-thirty which is just in time for dinner. You can get a late train back

Sunday night, or there’s an early express that Bob usually takes on Monday morning. We hope nothing will prevent you from ing, as we’re looking forward to your visit … and I know the Owens are looking forward to seeing you again, too. Be sure to let us know what train you are taking so that Bob can meet you at the station.

Affectionately yours,





邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十四篇

Dear Dr. Rodger:

The English Department of Nankai University would like to extend to you an invitation to be our guest speaker at the annual conference to be held at the meeting room at eight o’clock, Saturday morning, December the thirtieth, 1993.

As you know, the department is interested in the 20th century English literature Since you are familiar with the field, we know your views will be extremely interesting to us.

You will receive further details later, but we would appreciate having your acceptance soon so we may plete our agenda.






邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十五篇


Professor wang:

Hello, I'm li dong. I heard you this day to come home, hope you are free to come to our school to a visit. I hope you can teach us how to learn English well, how to improve the English level.

About English this course, it is to make many of our students have a headache subject.

Many students of English grammar, listening, oral English is not very good, I hope you can in these aspects to our some guidance.

If you have time this month 10 words we will arrange seminars on that day the auditorium.

Our school a few years this big changes, you come and we can all around the campus.

If you are free on that day, I hope you can reply as soon as possible I news!

Thank you! I wish all well!

Li dong

On July 1, 2011








Dear XXX, 親愛的XXX(書信開頭)

long time no see. 很長時間未見面了。

I miss you very much. 我非常想你。

How are you going these days? 你最近怎么樣?

Yours (用于結尾)

XXX (你自己的名字)



is it going? 最近怎么樣?

am glad to receive your letter.很高興收到你的來信。

asked me about(+problem question 等),now let me give you some advice.你在來信中詢問我,現在,讓我給你一些建議。

has been a long time since we met.我們很久沒見面了。


I am looking forward to receiving your letter.我期待著你的來信。

you in advance.提前謝謝你。

wirte to me as soon as possible.請盡快回信。

luck |Best wishes.祝你好運。



(2)若要針對收信的對象,將結尾語加以區分,則對于比較親密的對方,可以用Sincerely yours、Yours sincerely或Sincerely;對于一般的朋友可用Your friend;如果是兒女寫給父母,就用Your loving son(daughter);對長輩則寫Respectfully yours,至于生意上的往來就用Faithfully yours。










Dear Mercy,


How is everything going! Last time you said you are anxious now because you find it hard to learn English well. Don’t worry. I think you have to improve your English step by step. And I will right behind you. In my view, you should develop you interest on English first. According to my experience, I think watching English movie, listen to some wonderful English songs and talk in English on the Internet would be helpful. Secondly, you have to prepare lessons before class that will help you understand what the teacher says in the class. I know you feel bored in the class, but you have force yourself to be concentrated. A few days later you will feel it a little easy to learn English. The left steps I will tell next time. By the way, we have not seen each other since your family move to Hunan a year ago. Have you ever thought about going back to visit me and learn English together in the coming Summer vacation. Looking forward to your reply.

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十六篇

Dear Professor Smith:


Our school is planning to have a lecture on how to learn English effectively for middle school students next week and Im writing to ask you to come and give a talk on English learning will help us understand how to learn English in effective ways and also increase our interest in learning it, thus making us learn it actively.


Do you think one and a half hours will be enough for such a lecture? Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make arrangements.


Looking forward to seeing you and enjoying the lecture.


Best wishes.


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十七篇

Dear SirsMadam:

We hereby sincerely invite you and your pany representatives to visit our booth at The Continental Exhibition Center from April 15th to 20th 2006.

We’re one of the manufacturers specialized in sanitaryware, concluding one & two piece toilet, wash basin, cabinet basin, pedestal basin, bidet,urinal, counter basin , decorated ceramics and so on. Our new models offer superb design and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the expect to establish long-term business relations with your pany in future.

Exhibition Center : The Continental Exhibition Center

Booth Number : G-K105 G-K-106

Date : Apr 15th to 20th 20xx

Best Regards

Jia Jian

General Manager

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十八篇

Dear Ying,

It has been almost five years since you left Xian to settle down in Shenzhen。 I believe that you have started enjoying life in that beautiful coastal city, and the warm climate will surely be good for your health。

I have a vacation for two weeks next winter。 Id like to go to Guilin with my families。 We can join the package tour to Guilin, where we have never been, to see the natural beauty。 It is said that the rivers and hills of Guilin are considered the best under heaven。 I want to know how beautiful it is。

How wonderful it would be if you and your family could travel together to Guilin, and I think we will be attracted by the Lijiang River with its xxxFairy Tale likexxx landscape。

Please let me know if you can go or not, I sincerely hope your decision will be in the affirmative。

With all my kindest wishes!










邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第二十九篇

Dear Lucy

How time flies! I haven’t seen you for ages! I really miss you.

I’ m writing to tell you about an activity to be held in the coming summer holiday. I know that you have great interest in ancient China. When I got the information that there will be a voyage called Discover The Maritime Silk Route, I immediately wanted to invite you to join it with me. The voyage will last for two weeksfromJune 17, and we will get on a big shipfromQuanzhou, which is the beginning of the route. Finally, we will finish the voyage in Japan. During the voyage, we can communicate with each other. Besides, the organizer will show us some excellent performance about the history in that time.

Looking forward to your early reply!


Li Hua

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第三十篇

Dear Mr. Harrison:

Our new factory will be mencing production on April 10 and we should like to invite you and your wife to be present at a celebration to mark the occasion.

As you will appreciate this is an important milestone for this organization, and is the result of continued demand for our products, both at home and overseas. We are inviting all those individuals and trust that you will pay us the pliments of accepting.

Please confirm that you will be able to attend by advising us of your time -- we can arrange for you to be met. All arrangements for your stay overnight on April 10 will, of course, be made by us at our expense.

Yours faithfully,


本公司新廠將于4月10日開始投產,期望能邀請賢伉儷來參加新廠開工典禮。 如您所知,新廠的設立是本公司的一個里程碑,而這正是海內外對本公司產品不斷需求的結果。我們邀請了所有對本公司的成功貢獻一切力量的個人,我們相信,您必須會賞光。

如您確能參加,請來函告知您抵達的時光 —— 以便我們為您安排會晤。當然,所有安排您在10日晚間夜宿的費用,皆將由公司代您支付。

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第三十一篇

1、I am writing to invite you to…


2、I think it would be a great idea if you could participate in…


3、I wonder if you can come…


4、How would you like to join us in…?


5、Would you please drop me a line to let me know if you can come to…?


6、My family and I would feel much honored if you could come.


7、I really hope you can make it.


8、We would be looking forward to your coming.


9、I would like to meet you there and please let me know your decision soon.


10、We would be very glad to invite you as an expert to our university/college to…


邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第三十二篇

Dear Jack,

I am writing to thank you for your congratulations on my success in the translation contest. In your letter, you told me that you wanted to know how to do well in translation. Here are some pieces of advice.

First, you need to grasp the basic grammar knowledge, which enables to you to understand the sentences correctly and translate the original language to the target language properly. Second, a wide range of extensive knowledge in different fields is preferred because the more you know, the easier it is for you to make clear what the passage is talking about.

I hope these pieces of information are of great help for your future study and translation.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

邀請信英語作文模板萬能句子 第三十三篇

Dear Mr. Henry,

Im Li Hua, a Chinese student of yours. Im writing to invite you to join me in visiting a paper-cutting exhibition,where you can have a close look at traditional Chinese culture as you always wish.

The exhibition will be held from 9:. to 5:. next Friday in Renmin Park,which is just two blocks from our can get there by taking Bus Line 101 or Subway Line 2. ①As is advertised, there will be all sorts of paper-cutting peculiar to China on the exhibition, and ②whoever present will be given a work of paper-cutting as a gift. For someone so fond of Chinese culture like you, it is absolutely a great opportunity you cant miss.

Looking foward to making a paper cutting work which will be a wonderful experience.