函授英語作文萬能模板 第1篇

Recently I’ve had a discussion with my parents about whether or not I should be allowed to join the school basketball team. They thought I needed more time to study I thougt I could get good grades and play basketball at the same time. And I thought playing basketball can help me to study said I wasn’t strong enough .I really agreed with them,so I should be allowed to play basketball to improve they also thought I would get injured easily .I knew they loved me and didn’t want me to get injured easily ,but I should learn how to protect myself .I should learn how to decide and choose I thought I must do it and I would try my best to tell my parents I can do it.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第2篇

As we all known,telephone paly an important part in our has changed our life a lot and made it more and more colourful.

Although there is a very long distance between each other,we can get touch with one another just within one we are bored,we can not only play some interesting games but aslo listen to paceful don't need to spend a lot of time in taking photos because of telephone.

However,telephone also bring us some bad makes us worried is that someone always uses telephoneon the is known to all,some drivers use telephone when they were driving and as a result,accidents happened.

In my oppion,telephones are good,and we should use them rightly and let them help us more!

函授英語作文萬能模板 第3篇

It’s very important for us to keep healthy in our everyday life. Here are some advice for you to follow.

First you should have a healthy diet. It’s necessary to eat enough fish and vegetables. Because they contain all kinds of vitamin you need ever day. Do not eat too much fat,such as butter or anything too fatty. Too many sweets can do harm to your teeth. So you had better not eat too many sweets or chocolates and keep off coffee.

Good habits can help you keep fit. Doing regular exercise is certainly a good way to keep healthy. After a day’s work,an eight-hour sleep is needed. And avoid working or studying too hard. Remember smoking can damage your health. So never smoke.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第4篇

A job interview is indispensable in the process of job hunting. If a job seeker can make the best use of the interview and leave a good impression on the interviewer’s mind, he may be lucky enough to get the job competed for by many applicants. If, on the other hand, the job hunter gives a poor performance during the interview, he is unlikely to stand a chance to succeed.

To be successful in a job interview, the job hunter should demonstrate certain personal and professional qualities.

First, the applicant ought to attach much importance to his appearance and manner of speaking. Second, he is supposed to display his ability, especially his grasp of professional knowledge required by the position for which he is applying. Finally, a really impressive job seeker must convey a sense of self-confidence in and a practical attitude toward the cause concerned.

If the interviewee succeeds in displaying these characteristics and presents his most attractive qualities during an interview, the interviewer might make an on-the-spot decision to take him on.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第5篇

假如你是李華,你們學校就“感恩父母,從我做起”這一話題展開討論。請你用英語 寫一篇短文,談談為什么要感恩父母,你和父母之間發生的最難忘的事以及你的感受。 注意:詞數為 100 左右

I think it's important for us to thank our parents. Since I was born, my parents have given me all their love and care, but never expect anything in return. They havebrought me up and taken good care of me carefully and patiently.

Last year, I was chosen to take part in a speech competition. I felt very nervous. My parents tried hard to help me prepare for it. They encouraged me to be confident and told me not to care much about the result. They said the process of learning was more meaningful.

With their help, I did very well that time. I felt happy and proud. I'd like to say “Thanks a lot! You're great! I will love you forever!” to mum and dad.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第6篇

Is Failure a Bad Thing?

Failure is a common thing in our daily life. For example, sometimes we fail to pass the examinations. On other occasions, we are defeated in sport games. And there are times when we fail to do more satisfactory work. So it is safe to say that every one of us must have encountered failure of one kind or another.

However, different people have different attitudes towards failure. Some people lose heart when they come across failures. They seem to think that it is the end of the world. Others, on the contrary, don’t take failure seriously. They seem to think that failure is first step to success.

In my opinion, what really counts is not failure itself, but our attitude towards it. If we are afraid of failure and yield to it easily, we are bound to have one failure after another. But as long as we have confidence in ourselves and learn something from failure, we’ll certainly go from victory to victory. So I’m never afraid of failure, or I firmly believe that “failure is the mother of success.”

函授英語作文萬能模板 第7篇

Video games have become very popular in recent you go,you can see youngsters or even adults indulged in the they play the games in clubs,stores,or homes,they concentrate all their attention on them,with their hands busy games give them great wonderful bring great pleasure to youngsters,train them to respond quickly,stimulate their imagination and interest in electronics and computer short,video games play a good part in the development of youngsters intelligence.

Just as a coin has two sides,video games have also some young people especially school children,spend too much time playing them,which would do harem to their health and eyes and affect their school if one has enough self-control,can one benefit from video games.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第8篇

The newspaper is one of the many mediums of carrying information to wonder people often say:^v^Even without stepping out of my house,I am well-informed of al that has been happening in the world.^v^

We get all kinds of news from can tell us about various events,past and future,domestic and can teach us a lot of useful fact,everyone can find something he wants from newspapers,and everyone enjoys reading them everyday.

Reading newspapers can widen our scope of only they help us improve our reading ability but they can help us enhance our of all these benefits,I like reading newspapers.

My Opinion of Today's Education.

I think one of the main problems with today's education is that too much emphasis is placed on test has become the most important criterion for college student,however creative and intelligent,will not be admitted into a college if his total scores are just one point less than is also one of the crucial factors either in job assignment or in employment competitions.

The competition for high scores among students becomes find themselves concentrating more on strategies to achieve high scores than on acquiring will play truant of some subsidiary course,skip over the substance which will not be tested on,even pump teachers for hints on upcoming are apt to give their students high their job is judged mainly by the students'performance in terms of scores,some teachers tend to set easy papers to test their students on or narrow down the scope of the teachers even leak^v^accidentally^v^ the exam questions or lower their criterion of scoring.

As a result,the competition for high scores becomes so intense that it actually defeats academic goals of education.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第9篇


Directions:For this are to write 100~120 words.

You have to write your composition based on the outline given below in Chinese below

Directions: Some people think that tenowledge gained from books is much richer and broader than what can be learned from direct exeriences. Do you agree or disagree with this view? Write a composition on Which one is more important, knowledge gained from practical experiences or knowledge acquired from books?

Which One is More Important, Knowledge Gained from Practical Experiences or Knowl-edge Acquired from Books?

Knowledge can be acquired from many sources. These include books, teachers and practical experiences, and each has its own advantages.

The knowledge we gain from books and formal education enables us to learn about things that we have no opportunity to experience in daily life. We can study all the places in the world and learn from people we will never meet in our lifetime, just by reading about them in books. We can also develop our analytical skills and learn how to view and interpret the world around us in different ways. Furthermore, we can learn from the past by reading books. In this way, we won't repeat the mistakes of others and can build on their achieve-ments.

Practical experiences, on the other hand, can give us more useful knowledge. It is said that one learns best by doing, and I believe that this is true, whether one is success-ful or not. In fact, I think making mistakes is the best way to learn. Moreover, if one wants to make new advances, it is necessary to act. Innovations do not come about through reading but through experimentation. Finally, one can apply the skills and insights gained through the study of books to practical experiences, making an already meaningfu experi-ence more meaningful. However, unless it is applied to real experiences, book knowledge remains theoretical and, in the end, is useless. That is why I believe that knowledge gained from practical experiences is more important than that acquired from books.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第10篇

I have a precious pen, which was given to me as a birthday present by one of my best friends. I like it very much. However, this pen once has an unusual experience.

When I was a student of Grade Two, I lost my precious pen because of carelessness when our school was holding a sports meeting. I almost felt crazy when I realized that it was missing. I searched the playground carefully and even the road leading to my home. I put up several notices with their titles—My Precious Pen Lost, in which I promised to pay the one who gives the pen back to me 100 yuan. Several days later, I heard my name called by someone. It was a girl with a pen in her hand. I felt excited to see my precious pen back. I thanked this kind girl again and again, who didn’t accept the money I gave her as a reward.

From the unusual experience of my precious pen, I learn that we should be thankful to those who always do good deeds and also be ready to do what we can to help others.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第11篇

Autumn's coming.

She is in a yellow dress.

She is coming across the fields. The fields are yellow now. The wheat is smiling. There are some farmers in the fields. They are processing the wheat.

Look at the trees, there are many birds singing in the trees. Animals are dancing under the trees.

They are happy!

The sky is blue and clean. Many white clouds are in the sky. They look like sail boats. Take a deep breath, and then you may feel relaxed.

Autumn is bewitching. I love autumn.








函授英語作文萬能模板 第12篇

本人(姓名,學號)于____年考入____,攻 讀____專業學術型碩士學位,學習期限 年。在學習期間,本人順利完成了《碩士英語》等3門公共課、____等____門學位必修課、《____專題》等____門選修課程的學習及考核,獲得總學分____分,學位課學分____分,符合________ 專業的碩士培養要求。

此外,本人跟隨導師,從事____課題的研究調查,在課題組中擔任了____ 的研究任務,并完成了____的研究成果。結合研究調查成果,撰寫了碩士學位論文《________》?,F提交碩士學位申請,請予以批準!



函授英語作文萬能模板 第13篇

Do you want a strong body?Let me tell you how to do.

You should eat lots of fruit and vegetables,and drink lots of boiled should do exercise .You should sleep at least eight in the evening, you shouldn’t drink coffee or tea before sleep,you shouldn’t eat too many shouln’t work or study too hart. The way can keep your health.

Many students do not have breakfast before they go to ’s a quite bad habit and it’s bad for your you don’t have time to have breakfast but you couldn’t learn well in your classes if you don’t eat any thing .Keeping in a good health which can help you study well is very important.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第14篇

Information and my life

As you know, information plays an important role in our modern society. Some one says that ours is a society of information. I agree with him. In fact, information is expanding at an increasing rate. As a member of modern society, I am fully aware of the significance of the significance of information to my life. It affects nearly every aspect of my life. Then how to obtain and deal with information seems to be of utmost importance.

As for me, the first way to obtain information is to go to library. Our library is so large that it covers a wide range of subject. Various, kinds of information can be got in it. Information about society, economy, politics and sciences will give you a fresh mind. Of course, library isn’t the only source of information. I can learn much information by other means. Even when talking with my friends I can get a lot of useful information.

But information is so immense that we haven’t ample energy and time to deal deeply with it moreover, some of the information night not be true. So, how to obtain accurate information and to throw off the false part of it should be our goal.

Information should be made full use of in my life. Right now, I try to use information mostly on my studies. When I get to society several years later, information will probably become more and more important.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第15篇

Fake and poor quality commodities are a serious problem. Many things can be faked such as soybean sauce, vinegar, bicycles, and many other things. The interests of consumers are affected, and many enterprises keep losing money because of cheap fake commodities.

There are some reasons for such a phenomenon. The major one is the desire of some people to “make easy money”。 These people think nothing of the law of the protection of intellectual property rights.

To get rid of fake and poor quality commodities, the government should educate people to obey the law of the protection of individual intellectual property rights and not to sell any fake goods. The government should punish severely and close down all the factories producing fake goods.




函授英語作文萬能模板 第16篇

Competition is a very common phenomenon in our social life today. We compete when we play games, we try to do better than others in our study and there is constant competition for jobs, fame, wealth and so forth. We can say, to some extent, competition is one of the motive force of the development of society.

We often find competition and cooperation occurring at the same time. Think of a basketball game. During the game, one team is competing against the other, but each member of the team must cooperate with his teammates. In most cases, we can’t compete without cooperation. Thus they are equally important.

While advocating competition, we can’t forget cooperation. In modern society, cooperation is especially important because most work is fulfilled with and through other people. So we must combine competition with cooperation to obtain our goals.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第17篇

假如你是學生李華,在家是獨生子女,國家開放二孩政策后,你的父母想再生一個孩 子,征求你的意見。恰好你的美國筆友 Peter 來信詢問我國的二孩政策。請你給他回 一封信。




征求 Peter 的看法。


詞數 100 左右; 2. 可以適當增加細節,以使行文連貫;


Dear Peter,

I have received your letter and I’m glad to explain to you the two-child policy in China. The Chinese government recently plans to change the one-child policy into two-child policy, meaning that every family in China is allowed to have two children. Now my parents have made a decision to give birth to a second child, which worries me a great deal. Though it is good to have a brother or sister to grow up with, I have to share everything with him or her. Most importantly, what if the love from my parents is totally switched to the new child? As you have a younger sister, did you have similar problems? What’s your opinion about this? I am looking forward to your early reply.

Yours,Li Hua

函授英語作文萬能模板 第18篇




Fake Commodities

Fake and poor quality commodities are a serious problem. Many things can be faked such as soybean sauce, vinegar, bicycles, and many other things. The interests of consumers are affected, and many enterprises keep losing money because of cheap fake commodities.

There are some reasons for such a phenomenon. The major one is the desire of some people to “make easy money”。 These people think nothing of the law of the protection of intellectual property rights.

To get rid of fake and poor quality commodities, the government should educate people to obey the law of the protection of individual intellectual property rights and not to sell any fake goods. The government should punish severely and close down all the factories producing fake goods.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第19篇

Taking care of our environment is very important. It is well-known that man,as well as living things,can’t live without water or air. However,many factories pour waste water directly into the rivers or lakes. They also give out a lot of smoke directly into the air. Some people throw rubbish everywhere. So our environment is getting worse and worse. Polluted water or air is harmful to us all.

It is our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy. We shouldn’t throw about waste things. We must plant many trees,flowers and grass. If everyone protects the environment,the world will become more beautiful.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第20篇

On the New Year’s Eve, after finishing the dinner, for most Chinese people, they will sit at home, watching the Spring Festival Gala with their families.

The show has been a tradition for us, in our parents’ generation, Spring Festival Gala is popular, even though today many new forms of amusement are invented, which makes the gala less popular, yet the traditional show still wins people’s attention. It has become part of people’s life, most people will open their TV and watch it in the big day.

I will watch the show, maybe most of the parts do not attract my attention, but it is the happy time for me to stay with my family. I enjoy the moment.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第21篇

My HabbitsI have some habbits, some are good, but some are like reading very much. From reading science books, I get a lot of knowledge. From reading novels, I lose myself in the stories. I like doing sports, too. It helps me keep healthy. Also I never put todays work till tomorrow.

They are all my good habbits. They help me a lot in my daily , I also have some bad habbits. For example, sometimes I do my homework slowly, and stay up till very late. During meals I prefer meat to vegetables. And sometimes I play computer games too long without having a reat. T

hey are all harmful to my now on Ill try to keep my good habbits, and give up the bad ones. Then Ill live better.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第22篇

The Way of Thinking Between Boys and Girls.

Last night, I saw an interesting movie, it told about a boy and a girl who were at the same age, but the way they thought was so different. The boy was skin-deep, he judged the person by their faces, while the girl could think much further, she found the beauty of life. During their process of growing, finally the boy became mature and started to have the real talk with the girl. I learn that boys and girls indeed think in a very different way, so misunderstanding always happens. It is important to have the communication, so that they can know each other’s thoughts.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第23篇

My favourite movie isThe Bucket List. When two complete strangers(Carter and Edward)became roommates in the hospital's ICU,what they were going to do in their last couple of months? Carter made a bucket list that including his wishes such as: witness something really magnificent, help complete stranger on the good, laugh until I cry, but Edward thought his wishes were too weak, and then he added something like “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, goskydiving, and get a tattoo. After that, both of them tried to complete their wishes together before they die.

At last, Carter and Edward both knew what the life was all about---to bring joy to others.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第24篇

Speaking of my student life, it‘s very interesting. Besides studying, we have many parties at our school for special festivals. Of course, we must study many subjects at school and do homework every day. I receive instructions from my teachers and discuss problems with them.

Although sometimes we have many exams in our student life, it can be good for us. Everyone hates exams, but it helps us realize how much we‘ve learned from school. Just enjoy your student life. It goes by fast.



函授英語作文萬能模板 第25篇

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic xxxGood Study Habitsxxx. You should write in no less than 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:




Good Study Habits Study habits play a decisive role in the effect of learning. It is, therefore, important that we should form a good habit when we study.

According to study advisers, there are some basic ways for learning well. Frequent revision, for example, is one of them. It is not a quick way of learning well, of course, however, it does prove effective in the long run. Also, to do enough preparations before class helps a lot.

Besides, there is another way of learning, that is, learning through communicating. Learning will be more efficient if you put what you have learned or are learning into practice. That s why in recent years xxxCommunicative Methodxxx has been strongly recommended in schools in China.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第26篇









函授英語作文萬能模板 第27篇


1. 表明祝賀原因

2. 對對方的品質,能力,或成就給予充分的肯定和贊揚

3. 表示祝愿



would like to sincerely congratulate you on your recent graduation from …(school) with your MBA(學位)

hasten to tender you a word of congratulations on this splendid success.

have received the invitation to your wedding, and as I cannot be present at that happy event, I write to offer my congratulations in person

am heartily glad you are going to be married, and congratulate you upon the wisdom of your choice.

most heartily upon the fulfillment of your hopes in a birth of a son.


1. I have noticed that you are bright and have a quick mind for business

2. I have always appreciated your never-failing professionalism

3. We are so proud of your diligence and skill.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第28篇

My House

We have just moved into a new flat,like most people here living in their houses in the suburbs. Our house is big though it consists only two floors.

On the first floor there is the dining room, the lounge or sitting room, the kitchen and the hall. In the hall we set a stand for hats, coats and umbrellas. A staircase leads from the hall to the landing on the second floor; On this floor there are four bedrooms, a bathroom and a lavatory.

In front of the house we have a small garden in which we grow flowers: roses,tulips and some fruit trees. Thereis also a vegetable garden where we grow all kinds of vegetables, such as cabbages, cauliflowers, and tomatoes. We all know how to plant vegetables for my father was once a vegetable grower.

At the side of the house is a garage. We haven't got a car up to now, but my moths said: we'd have one at the end of this year. People ,in this high-consumer city are very rich, not like the people live in the inland,cities.






函授英語作文萬能模板 第29篇

As every body knows, mobiles are playing a important part in our daily life they have bot advantages and disadvtanges in my opinion.

First, mobiles make it convinent for people to keep in touch with each other whevere they when they have something reduces the cost for people dont have to travel a long way to get to know the things in person

Second,we can send messages by mobiles with little money,just yuan for each short message.

third, we can also play games or take photoes or listen to music on the mobiles,late we do many things on them with the development of technology.

But they also have many have to pay for the wrong numbers which are not for radioactivites may do harm to our the rings may affect others in public or at meetings

函授英語作文萬能模板 第30篇

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic xxxTire Life on Internetxxx. You should write in no less than 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:

The Life on Internet 21st century is a century of Internet. With the development of science and techdology, moreand more people, old and young, begin to xxxsurf the netxxx to look for information or to entertainthemselves with on-line games.

lnternet is a colorful world. Here you can look for whatever information you want; you canbrowse the latest news at home and abroad; you can chat with friends, do your shopping, watchmovies, play games, send e-mails and so on. You can do almost everything in this variable the 21st century, people have been and will be more accustomed to Internet. Interact makesthe world smaller, and with it the whole world seems to be just a click away. It is part of our life.

函授英語作文萬能模板 第31篇


There is a very beautiful mountain in our county. There are many trees and flowers on the mountain. There are also many animals and birds. But very few people come to visit it. Because it is far away, and there is noting for children to play there.

Some people want to build an amusement park at the foot of the mountain. Then there may be more visitors. But some people do not agree, because the amusement park may ruin the environment.

So what do you think? Shall we build an amusement park? Why or why not?